Professional Engineer Lecturers

Dosen - 22 Juni 2022 - 12:00 AM

Four lecturers of the Mechanical Engineering Department received the Engineer Degree on June 22, 2022, at 18.30 WITA, to be exact. Through the Professional Engineer program held by Universitas Hasanuddin. Ir. Alfian Djafar, S.T., M.T., Ir. Doddy Suanggana, S.T., M.T, Ir. Gad Gunawan, S.T., M.T., and  Ir. Hadhimas Dwi Haryono, S.T., M.Eng is expected to be able to provide productivity and improve the quality of teaching both in theory and practice. Receiving this degree award is not only support from mechanical engineering lecturers and students but also support from the family of engineers of whom we are proud.

Based on Law No. 11 of 2014, in the future, those entitled to carry out engineering work are only those who have obtained the title of 'Engineer', which is issued by Universities through the Professional Engineer Program, one of which is Universitas Hasanuddin.

The Engineer's profession is to prepare prospective engineers to be able to compete for both on a domestic and international scale, following the standards and engineering quality standards that have been applied. The addition of 4 mechanical engineering lecturers with engineering degrees shows that Mechanical Engineering is ready to give their best ability to realize the 3rd Mission of the Institut Teknologi Kalimantan, namely "Building collaboration with stakeholders to empower the potential of the Kalimantan region".