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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering graduates are able to work in the energy sector including power plants, energy conversion machine designers, the mining industry, the manufacturing industry, the robotics industry, and the automotive industry. Besides that, it is also in the field of designing heating systems, air conditioning, cooling, fluid engines and working in the field of rotating and static disciplines.

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Area of interest

focus of knowledge aimed at students of the Mechanical Engineering study program

Material Engineering

Field of expertise that studies materials, mechanical properties of materials, and engineering of materials for mechanical system purposes

Energy Conversion

Field of expertise that studies energy and its changes in mechanical systems

Mechanical Design

Areas of expertise that study the analysis of forces and the design of structural components and mechanical systems of components


Areas of expertise that study machining processes and material processing in industrial production processes

Area of interest

focus of knowledge aimed at students of the Mechanical Engineering study program

Message from student

There will be a lot of fun and challenges at ITK Mechanical Engineering. Very interesting new things to explore. Perspectives and mindsets that will be much more developed. The technical abilities that are supported by the provision of independence, agility, as well as the communication and managerial skills obtained in college are very helpful in achieving my career so far.

Alumni Class of 2013, Work at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia

Mechanical Engineering ITK always supports every student to be ready to develop according to their scientific field by providing a curriculum that meets the standards required after graduating from the undergraduate program. The learning process is not only carried out in the classroom, but is also supported by a practicum, research, and field lectures that can add insight and self-development. I am proud to have been part of the Mechanical Engineering of the Kalimantan Institute of Technology.

Alumni Class of 2013, Continuing Masters Studies at ITB

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